Thursday's at The Brewer's Table

Join us for our lastest Beer Social!


 Thursday Decmeber 11th @ 6pm

$15 per person, includes 2 Pints, and the following family style bites;

Smoked salmon pate w/ crispy jalapenos & honey-wheat pickled onions on water crackers

NM Swedish meatballs in brown ale gravy

Malt-crusted fried tomato rounds with chile gremolada

Mini fried chicken tacos with stout-mole dipping sauce

Crudites plates w/ amber-onion dip

Chocolate & Russian Imperial Stout mini cupcakes candy cane icing

Candied orange & winter spice mousse filo cups hopped Belgian candy sugar


Brewer James Warren

Chef David Sundberg


Please RSVP to, call us at 438-1800 or with a manager.


Chef D had a vision of creating  special events that would bring in guests who appreciate great beer and food.  His idea was to host everyone at one large table so they could enjoy meeting new people and grow their personal circle of community at the same time.  Brad Kraus, the brewer at the time, and I dreamed up two ways of presenting this – the Beer Social and the Beer Dinner.  The Socials would always be inexpensive – usually $15 – and would be three smaller plates paired with three beers.  They hosted our first Dinner in October of 2010.

With Head Brewer James Warren taking over the brewhouse, we have expanded our repertoire and have both reserve and cask beers available for our Socials and Dinners.  We thoroughly enjoy having in a range of people who like to come together in a comfortable, welcoming environment to partake in great beer, diverse food, and, of course, wonderful companionship.  They work to create seasonably appropriate pairings that highlight local products, growers, and businesses.  When Chef D works on a theme or a menu for a Dinner,  he starts with the beer; he and James discuss what beers he is working on and what their profiles are.  He then finds inspiration at the Farmer’s Market, from other chefs, from family and friends, and from current food trends to develop flavors that will compliment and contrast John’s beers.  It is a wonderfully fun collaboration I hope translates to the beer, the food, and the atmosphere at the Socials and Dinners.

We currently have a specially-made Brewer’s Table which is twenty-four feet long and seats around thirty guests.